This Is Montauk

James Katsipis is the guy. Besides being Whalebone’s Chief Photographer and a man I’ve yet to see not smiling, James is an incredibly creative individual behind the lens. The cheerful gent has an unmatched passion for capturing and sharing the natural beauty of Montauk, and his latest video is a game-changer in that regard.

I had the random pleasure of seeing the Instagram version of this video a day or two after it had been completed (through the window of James’ pickup truck parked outside our office), and I was positively floored. Now, the full version is alive and breathing on James’ “Tauk is Cheap Productions” Vimeo page. We linked it below because we know how you get when you have to click a whole bunch.

And yo, forget what the press has had to say about Montauk in the news lately — this is Montauk.