There’s Something in the Water

Yes, please. Photo: Ben Potter

“Do what you love and help people along the way.” This statement truly embodies the spirit of the Waves for Water organization on multiple levels. Waves for Water’s mission states it is a humanitarian aid organization, and although this is true, in actuality, it’s significantly different from the typical crisis charity.

Waves for Water stands out by using non-traditional tactics and innovative strategies to get the job done, while not losing sight of what that job is. The objective is to get clean water to every person who needs it, by any means necessary, plain and simple.

This is the story of how the boys at Whalebone Creative fundraised for and distributed 65+ filters on their surf trip to the Salina Cruz area of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Salina Cruz Courier Project. Photo: Ben Potter

Salina Cruz Courier Project. Photo: Ben Potter

On June 7th, Jesse Joeckel, Nick Joeckel, Travis Beckmann, Leif Engstrom, Chris Smith and cinematographer Ben Potter, all departed for Salina Cruz, Mexico, armed with filters, ready to chase their passion and provide people less fortunate with a small gesture that will have a profound effect on their day-to-day lives.

On their trip, they successfully provided enough filters to give access to clean water for the entire village of Playa Grande, as well as a few families in the Puerto Escondido area. After a number of filter installations and a few surf sessions in Salina Cruz, the forecast seemed better to the north at Puerto Escondido. Looking at it as both an opportunity to score better waves and help more people, the crew headed that way.

At the end of the trip, approximately 65+ families and over 650+ individuals could be crossed off the list. The trip truly embodied the “Do what you love and help along the way” Waves for Water motto and today, we are now able share this amazing story with you in full.

Leif laying into one at Salina Cruz. Photo: Ben Potter

Leif laying into one at Salina Cruz. Photo: Ben Potter

The Issue Release Party and Film Premier in Montauk

Last week, on Sunday August 2, we celebrated. Not only for the release of our third issue, Order Up, but for the the success of the Whalebone trip to Mexico. At the event, Montauk Brew cans were shared and the BBQ was fired up down at Solé East in celebration of what Whalebone had achieved while on their clean water courier mission. More importantly, it was our chance to finally premier the short documentary Ben Potter created while on the trip.

The film rekindled the awareness of how important Waves for Water is around the world and showed the value of giving back to those who might not be as fortunate as us here in the U.S. The film told the amazing story of their goal and how they achieved it in embodying the W4W motto and what the organization stands for. The clip not only shed light on the impact made, but featured some amazing surfing from Montauk’s finest— which we can always enjoy.

Now without further ado, here is the film. Seen exclusively here on Whalebone. Enjoy.