The (Under)Garment Gift Guide

#SweaterWeather has officially hit and most of us are remembering that winter is a real thing (noted Jonas). Excited or reluctant about the chilly weather, rest assured there’s a way to heat things up. With VDAY coming in hot – what better way than lingerie to raise the temps? This isn’t a trick question. After all, they do say it’s what is on the inside that counts.

No need to avert your eyes on our account; instead check out the below shopping guide on all things lace. Whether for self-purchase or gift-giving, males and females alike are intrigued by these sexy little undergarments. There’s certainly plenty of options out there to add a little frill to your #NetflixAndChill.

So ladies – hit pause on the baggy sweats/cookie dough combo and try this new take on “treat yo self”. Think of it as a “New Year | Sexier You” challenge. We all know Gigi Hadid is your #SpiritAnimal (or at least she should be) so quit denying your inner angel tendencies and suit up.

And guys – don’t shy away from purchasing the gift that keeps on giving for both parties involved. You’ll find it surprisingly invigorating being the only dude in the intimates dept. And yes always go for the smaller size; that’s what gift receipts are for. We’ve got your back bro.

Happy shopping.

1. Natori: The Bodysuit


This ain’t your average one piece. Natori nailed it by bringing this perfectly executed item to full fuchsia fruition. You may be wondering if there’s a way to showcase the female form while leaving plenty to the imagination. Well, this. Is. It.

[Bro Translation – she’ll dig this so much she will most likely want to wear it out on the town. Keep your friends close and your girl closer].

2. Cosabella: Stretch Lace


Arguably the best invention to date. Cosabella does a fine job of bringing a win-win commodity to the table (or should we say top drawer?). Their pieces are sexy yet incredibly comfy and realistic for every day wear.

[Bro Translation – she’ll wear them all day, erry day. That’s right; no special occasion necessary].

3. Oscar De La Renta: The Teddy


Forget the stuffed animal and act your age. This teddy bears more than the average onesie. Oscar de la Renta elegantly manages to mesh glamour, sex appeal, & sophistication all in one piece (literally).

[Bro Translation: You thought rompers were a hot trend out east last season? Well welcome to the season finale…].

4. La Perla: Head-To-Toe


If there is such thing as heaven, this would be it (for lingerie at least). Consider this your one stop shop. The sultry relative of when it comes to boudoir attire; everything and anything that could be desired in a single visit. Don’t forget the thigh-highs/garter belt duo for some #oldschool vibes.

[Bro Translation – Walk in #confusedAF; walk out a pro. Soon you’ll be skoolin’ us dude].

5. Agent Provocateur: Risqué Negligée


This brand is bad to the bone. Agent Provocateur continues to prove less is more with their revealing products and naughty design habits. Full disclosure – these goods are not for the faint of heart.

[Bro Translation – we’re not talkin’ low risk / high return here, but rather full on R-I-S-K; hope you’re feelin’ bullish this quarter].