The Mets and Montauk…Beer

Our favorite beer is heading to where beer is most often enjoyed, sporting events. And we aren’t talking your typical beer league softball game either, Montauk Brewing Company has made it to the big leagues; home of the NY Mets at Citi Field.

That’s right, Montauk Brew Co.’s Session IPA has hit the stands at Citi Field! It looks like they brought the luck with them too, as the Mets have been off to their best start in franchise history and have the best record in baseball at the moment. We knew there was something special in that beer!

It came as a shock for some to see Montauk Brew Co.’s presence at the stadium, but over the last year the company has seen a big jump in distribution numbers and locations. With that new found growth and success, when it came to getting the beers at Citi Field, the company jumped at the opportunity.

We are fortunate that the name Montauk resonates at a global level, and the beers are very good! We were contacted a few months ago and the opportunity presented itself fairly organically. We are honored that our beer will be served at Citi Field.– Vaughan Cutillo, Co-owner of MBC.

The Session India Pale Ale showed its green-faced can for the first time at the home opener, in front of close to 44,000 fans. The inaugural green can was supposedly sold to Rick White, a Montauk local and friend of the company, making the first sale quite coincidental.

As the season unfolds, we hope it is a good one for both the Mets and the boys over at Montauk Brew. With the success we have seen the Mets having as of late, and how damn good the beers are, we expect to spot Montauk Brewing Company’s  green IPA cans all over the stadium well into October … we hope.

So, if you’re heading to a Met’s game this season, be sure to ask for your favorite local brew, and when in town make sure to stop by and say what’s up to the Brew Co. team at their newly renovated and upgraded showroom here in Montauk.


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