#TBT — Garden of Hollies

There was a time when Thursday was just Thursday, the day after Wednesday and before Friday. It was an okay time, neither terrible nor fantastic. Then a few million social medialites came along and silently agreed to transform Thursday into “Throwback Thursday” (or #TBT) — a 24-hour period when it is formally acceptable to post photos or videos from a different era in your life.

Some use #TBT to relive the glory of past travels, others use it to present their awkward albeit blessed childhood. Here at Whalebone, we’re using #TBT as a means of delivering content that is aged, yes, but does not deserve to be forgotten (like your grandparents).

To kick things off, here’s Garden of Hollies — a surf flick from NYSEA, filmed and edited by Etan Blatt. The waves look tasty, the surfing is solid and the editing is right up our alley. We think it’ll be up your alley too. Check the 37 second mark and let us know.