~Surfrider Beach Clean Up Wednesday Morning~

On Wednesday, June 17, Surfrider Foundation, in association with Finlandia Vodka, will hold a good ol’ fashion beach clean up out here on the East End.

With an expected 50+ volunteers, the clean up will try and cover a large area spanning two towns, from Napeague lane in Amagansett to Terrace in Montauk. To go along with the day-long clean up, educational conservation tips will be a bonus from the good folks at the Surfrider Foundation, and the event is expected to be quite a turnout. The beach clean-up will be followed by a luncheon at the newly opened hotspot, Harbor.


There will be a bus leaving at 10:30 a.m. with staff from the Surf Lodge ready to help in the efforts cleaning up the beach. From there everyone will meet at Napeague lane and start cleaning. While cleaning, the plan is to have volunteers spread out over the largest area possible and have everyone gather up as much garbage as they can.

So here’s the breakdown from there—

At 11 a.m. meet at beach location:

Amagansett and Montauk, from Napeague Lane east to Terrace (with this large of a volunteer base, the shuttle will drop off at a variety of points in order to cover the most beach)

At 12:30 everyone will reconvene for group photo.

Then, everyone will head to Harbor for lunch at 1 p.m.

Wednesday’s beach clean up effort is sponsored by Finlandia Vodka — in association with their recent clean water initiatives — who will present a check to Surfrider Foundation during the clean up. So get out there and protect our beaches! Show your support and join the team down at the beach in the morning.