The Right Points of Morocco

I’ve wanted to surf the right points of Morocco ever since I first watched Dane Reynolds section there in his movie “First Chapter.” When the opportunity arose to organize a trip with a few other friends to this enchanting place, my wife and I jumped to at it. A pit stop in Paris to meet up with Quincy Davis and Pat Schmidt, and we were all off to the land of the rights.

Same view all day, every day

Photography by Jesse Joeckel


One of the best things about traveling is the unexpected, and though I expected to get fun waves, I didn’t expect to surf perfect overhead–double overhead rights for five days straight. I also didn’t expect how beautiful our accommodations at Surf Maroc would be, the great service and how friendly the local people are. We’d wake up every morning in the dark and gather in the common area for a light breakfast accompanied by Berber tea with fresh mint and honey. If we expected to be gone for the day we’d pack a lunch to bring with us on the road. With the van packed and our amazing guide Ilyas behind the wheel, we were set for the adventure ahead, although, we never ended up having to go very far to find the best spot.

We’d come back later in the afternoon to relax in the common area at Amouage after surfing all morning or venture into the town of Tagazout to pop in the local shops and take some photos. Another round of Berber tea and off for one last surf before sunset and happy hour. Dinner time at Amouage is family style so everyone staying there gathers at four large tables to eat a hard-earned meal and talk about the day’s events.

What captivated me the most were the colors, the natural bright colors used in everyday life here, the colors the sun brings out as it sits low in the sky in the early morning and late evening. A dream when you have a camera in your hands as I tend to shoot a bit of film on my travels. This place, for me, really delivered in that natural beauty kind of way, I hope you enjoy the images and might be inspired to take the journey yourself.

Pumping through sunset