The Foggy Abyss || 6/22/15 – Ditch – 5 p.m.

June 23, 2015 @ 05:00 PM

Unless you have X-ray fog vision to help us give you the report, we have nothing for you this afternoon. By using our other senses and insight from this morning’s wave check and online forecasts though, we can assume waves are in the process of building for a forecasted morning of good surf tomorrow and that the wind is hard out of the SW causing iffy conditions. If you paddle through the foggy mess and get a few let us know how it was. In the meantime check @whalebonesurfreport daily on Instagram for more of the Ditch Report.

High 12:22 AM 2.33ft
Low 06:33 AM 0.46ft
High 01:33 PM 2.36ft
Low 07:00 PM 0.79ft
First Light 04:40 AM
Sunrise 05:14 AM
Sunset 08:25 PM
Last Light 08:59 PM