Take The Leap of Faith || 5/30/15 – Ditch – 8:15 a.m.

May 30, 2015 @ 12:00 AM

Through the fog there is hope! Waves are fun out there! From studying the outlines of the waves coming in through the fog, it looked fun, and from asking people getting out of the water, they confirmed. Waves are in the waist high range and conditions are clean because of the variable to non existent wind we have today. Everyone seems to be smiling heading back to the parking lot post session, so I would recommend getting out there if you can. A longboard or fish is probably the call, as the wave at the lineup is looking a little slow. Have a good Saturday and check back with us later for more of the Ditch Report. Follow us on Instagram as well for the instant surf report update to your feed @whalebonesurfreport. Happy surfing people!

High 05:55 AM 2.13ft
Low 11:36 AM 0.3ft
High 06:41 PM 2.79ft
First Light 04:43 AM
Sunrise 05:16 AM
Sunset 08:13 PM
Last Light 08:46 PM