Hey, There’s Something || 5/18/15 – Ditch – 4:45 p.m.

May 18, 2015 @ 12:00 AM

For the afternoon report today, things look a little better than this morning. Waves are the same height, in the waist to stomach high range and conditions are still subpar, but the weather warmed up as the sun came out. Because of that, it is definitely looking a little more appetizing than this a.m. Winds are out of the ESE and there are a few people fighting the conditions to get a few. Overall, it’s a beautiful afternoon and the ocean is giving us a little something if you’re up for getting wet. Grab a longboard and have a surf if you’re feeling it. I’m sure you’ll catch a few. Check back with us tomorrow for more.

Low 02:19 AM -0.39ft
High 08:41 AM 2.82ft
Low 02:05 PM -0.33ft
High 09:02 PM 3.48ft
First Light 04:52 AM
Sunrise 05:24 AM
Sunset 08:03 PM
Last Light 08:34 PM