Afternoon Update for TS Ana! || 5/13/15 – Ditch – 3:45 p.m.

May 13, 2015 @ 12:00 AM

The afternoon update for Tropical Storm Ana has some good news and some bad news … We’ll share the good news first! Waves are still coming in and seem to have a little bit better shape to them than this morning. They seem to be showing more power and a little more organization. Bad news is the wind has been all over the place today. It went from straight W this a.m. to NW for a little while. Then it went straight W again for a bit, and now it’s straight N, which is causing some confusion in the water. It looks as though it is cleaning up a little bit, but with that strong offshore N wind, the swell is dropping. Waves are in the waist to chest high range now. I recommend getting on it if you haven’t gotten to yet, and making it soon as the swell will be dwindling fast. Hopefully we will have some leftovers tomorrow. Check back in the a.m. for more of #theditchreport.


High 03:46 AM 2.59ft
Low 09:57 AM -0.03ft
High 04:32 PM 2.89ft
Low 10:46 PM 0.1ft
First Light 04:58 AM
Sunrise 05:29 AM
Sunset 07:58 PM
Last Light 08:29 PM