Saturday Fun || 6/13/15 – Ditch – 6 p.m.

June 13, 2015 @ 12:00 AM

The evening sesh is looking pretty fun tonight! Waves are in the waist to stomach high range and coming in consistently. Winds are light out of the SW causing a little slop, but it is still looking fun. Grab a longboard or a fish for equipment and get out there. It’s been getting dark around 8 or later so you still have plenty of time. Waves are going to be fun in the morning it seems as well, so get down there early. Check back with us then for more of the Ditch Report and be sure to follow us on Instagram @whalebonesurfreport for your instant update right to your feed. Have a great night.

High 05:47 AM 2.53ft
Low 11:22 AM -0.07ft
High 06:19 PM 3.28ft
First Light 04:39 AM
Sunrise 05:12 AM
Sunset 08:22 PM
Last Light 08:56 PM