Surf Session on a Thursday With Saturday Session Wine

A good time for a long time.

We ended the summer on a high note with a late afternoon surf session in what were probably the best waves of the season at Ditch, made all the better by our friends from Saturday Session.

The sessionable lightly sparkling wine filled the coolers and gave some refreshment between sets. And as the sun set, Saturday Session cans kept the party lightly bubbling around the bonfire while we finished off the rest of the Best pizza. This was in the midst of a week of rain in Montauk that kept us running for shelter nearly every time we seemed to step outside. But somehow, on this day, the rain held out for hours of surfing and drinking wine—covering all our session bases.

We could have made that a line of emojis.

Kids, dogs, surfboards, pizza, golf, wine and a fire at the beach. We could have made that just a long line of emojis. That’s how classic the goodness of the long afternoon and evening were. And the session lasted well into dark, with the fire providing light and the means to add s’mores into the mix.

When the rain finally did come, after we were all surfed out, we were able to grab a cooler of Saturday Session and head to the next Thursday spot.