[Surf Gallery] Two Days Up North

“Going to Maine for this swell, have room in the truck,” Bryan Zinski texted our group chat of six frothing, working-class surfers. With the dim prospect of rain and nipple high waves for Jersey and New York, it wasn’t a tough sell. I immediately said I was in after seeing the forecast held my favorite combo: waves + snow. Two days later, Jon Smyth finished up a half day of work (still docking a vacation day to make the trip) and the three of us jumped in the Tacoma and headed north.

A late afternoon session proved fun, along with weather that was cloudy and really moody for photos as you can see along that left hand point break in the gallery above. With just us on the wave, I saw a few unridden go by—unheard of back in the Tri-state area. We’d found winter wonderland.

The next day, we awoke to a gorgeous sunrise light and an ocean suffering from morning sickness. After breakfast, driving around and checking for waves, we decided to paddle back out in front of our hotel. There, we found a few mysto wedges, barrels and turn sections. The entire scene being draped in white made for an epic surfing arena.

All in all…a bunch of good waves to be had, well worth the drive and stoked to go back!

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