Summer Surf Fitness: 30 Second Workouts w/ Adam Rosante


If you want to build functional strength and endurance that translates to the waves, not to mention a body that looks awesome on shore, this hyper-fast bodyweight workout is just what you need.

Adam Rosante, fitness and nutrition coach and author of The 30 Second Body, combines plyometric moves that build raw strength and power with a high-intensity format to elicit elite conditioning, quickly. Better sports performance and a rocking body are just a few 30-second intervals away.


How often: Perform this workout 3-4 times per week on non-consecutive days.

Focus: Do each move back-to-back for 30-seconds. Keep good form, resting only when absolutely necessary. After you’ve completed all 4 moves, rest for 30-seconds and repeat this format for up to 6 rounds.

Progression: Want to really challenge yourself? Track how many reps you’re able to complete in your final round. Then, when you do this workout again, try to beat that number.

  1. Tuck Jumps

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms at a T at chest level with fingers interlaced or stacked. Press the hips back into a squat and immediately explode upward, driving the knees toward the forearms. Land softly and quietly on the mid-foot, rolling back to the heels. Immediately push the hips back to absorb the impact of the landing. Repeat.

Tuck Jumps A Tuck Jumps B


  1. Ladder Climbers

Assume a push-up position. Imagine that your body is above a ladder with your hands on the outsides of it and your feet at the bottom. Keep your hands flat on the floor, brace your core, and jump the feet forward about 1 foot, as if your were jumping them into the first box of the ladder. Return to start. Jump the feet forward about 2 feet, as if into the second box of the ladder. Return to start. Now jump the feet close to the hands, as if into the third box of the ladder. Jump the feet back to start. Continue Repeating.

J. Ryan Roberts - Tap Ups


  1. Tap Ups

Assume a push-up position. Tap the left shoulder with the right fingertips and return the hand to the floor. Tap the right shoulder with the left fingertips and return the hand to the floor. Perform a push-up. Repeat.

J. Ryan Roberts - J. Ryan Roberts -


  1. Long Jump to Sprint

Stand with feet about hip-width apart. Pick a point on the floor in front of you and commit to jumping past it. Now brace your core as you lower down to a jump preparation position. Pause briefly at the bottom of the movement and explosively jump up and as far forward as you can. Land softly and sprint back to the starting position as fast as you can. Continue repeating the jump/run pattern.

J. Ryan Roberts - J. Ryan Roberts -


Work out and words by Adam Rosante, and all photography is credited to J. Ryan Roberts.