Step Up Your Photo Game

Photo Credit: RB Casting

Remember when you had to carry around a phone AND a camera? What were you rocking a Razr and an Elph? Well the Whalebone crew remembers the days before you could shoot a feature film with that rectangle of awesomeness you’re probably reading this on now (But seriously, someone actually shot a feature film completely on an iPhone).

Photo Cred: Hamburger Fotospots

Photo Cred: Hamburger Fotospots

While we are no strangers to doing everything on one device, we still like to take advantage of the old school look and feel of an actual camera, be it DSLR, film or even medium format for you fancy folk out there. Whether it’s grabbing some awesome surf photography, or capturing the beautiful East End landscape, pictures shot on your phone don’t always give the subject the justice it deserves.

So for those of you who still carry around a camera that doesn’t upload directly to instagram, here’s a pretty awesome chart for quickly understanding how to get that look the pros have. Brought to you by our friends over at Lifehacker, this is a one sheeter on all you need to catch your friends’ skate moves, or get that artistic closeup of that strange guy in front of the liquor store. If you’re a true beginner, here’s a great guide to leaving the phone at home, and getting outside with an actual camera, to become that artist your parents never wanted you to be.

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