Splash Talk: Follow-Cam Surfing in Santa Barbara

Morgan Maassen Rides Along

“Splash Talk” is a short film I partnered with Nikon to make using the Nikon D7500, a continuation of a longstanding photo series I’ve been working on of photographing surfers while I surf alongside them. I moved to place the Nikon D7500 inside an aluminum waterhousing to create the most compact package possible to enable myself maximum ability and space while surfing. The small size and light weight of the body was a dream to hold and operate while racing along on each wave. I had the waterhousing built around the NIKKOR 10-20mm lens, with zoom capabilities through the waterhousing so I could always choose the right focal length at a moment’s notice… and combined with the body’s great ISO sensitivity, I was able to shoot late into the evening, capturing the magic of a winter swell at home.

And while the weather was wet and wild, Trevor Gordon and I found a few magic moments in our hometown Santa Barbara, to share some perfect rides together.

Surfer: Trevor Gordon
Music: “Parachutes” by Monster Rally