Sean Yoro Is Painting NYC on a SUP (and It’s Beautiful)

Stand-up paddle boards don’t have the best rap. Often perceived as a form of surfing used by new age, wave-hungry surfers (that may or may not be aware of the surfing’s history and unwritten rulebook), SUPs have a tough time being accepted in localized lineups. That isn’t to say they deserve it.

SUPs are most definitely a good option for surfers looking to both try out and transition into a new style of wave-riding. They’re also an increasingly popular option for lake tours, fishing, discovering hard-to-access waves — and as of this morning — they’re recognized as a viable option for accessing and creating art in untouched territory, such as city waterfronts.


Courtesy of Sean Yoro

Sean Yoro, an NYC-based artist that hails from Oahu, Hawaii and also goes by Hula, has been utilizing his SUP to reach forgotten NYC waterfronts, which he currently treats as canvases for his oil-painted portraits of introspective females.


Courtesy of Sean Yoro

You may not have been on the lookout for his art while going over the Queensboro Bridge those last few trips, but given that he is currently featured on CNN’s front page, we predict everyone will have their eyes peeled from here on out.


Courtesy of Sean Yoro

In a caption-structured interview with CNN, Yoro spoke on his initial move from Oahu to NYC. “I left with nothing but $800 and two boxes of art supplies and clothes. I had no plan and no school. I wanted to chase my passion, and thought that at the least the experience would be a great story to come back home to.”


Courtesy of Sean Yoro

Yoro also spoke on his future and potential projects of a similar nature. “Like most things in life, I don’t plan too much into the future. I only plan to stay true to my passion and see where it takes me. Currently in the works are more water murals and even hopping onto land for some figures who blend in with their environments.”

For the full interview and photo gallery, visit Yoro’s CNN feature. All photos courtesy of Sean Yoro and CNN.