Sealegs is Changing the World of Watercraft (For the Better)

The Whalebone inbox receives boatloads of content submissions. Some bring laughter, some bring inspiration and awe. This video feature of Denison Yacht Sales’ new Sealegs Amphibious RIB, an ingenious watercraft that allows its owners to seamlessly champion both land and sea, is leaning strong on our awe spectrum.


Ready for whatever. Photo: Luxurious Mag

A vehicle once built exclusively for the likes of James Bond and Bruce Wayne, Sealegs is now available to any man looking to take his explorations, rescue missions and/or fishing game to the next level.

“Sealegs is a unique amphibious marine craft. Through a heavy focus on research and development into new technologies, Sealegs have produced  amphibious marine craft which have been delivered to over 40 countries. These craft make use of our 7 Trademarks, 8 Registered Designs and a total of 17 Patents registered throughout the world. Sealegs is consistently at the forefront of new innovations, enhancing the versatility and ease in which marine-oriented activities can occur.”

Without further ado, check out this bad boy voyage around Montauk. Those drone shots!