SAMPLER, a Gift from Dane Reynolds

Dane Reynolds. Dane Friggin’ Reynolds. One of the surfing world’s most intriguing, low-key and mind-blowing human beings, dropped a banger of a clip on us this past weekend. What’s funny about Dane is his unwavering relevance. No matter how long he’s been dormant, when he puts something out, people have no choice but to watch and listen. He continues to fly under our radar when we want to see him most, and this clip is no different.

DR just unleashed 11 full minutes of #next #level surfing and if watching this doesn’t make your Monday better, we have no absolutely no idea what will.

While filming for Kai Neville’s Cluster, Dane found himself with some leftover clips, which is what this edit evidently came from. B-clips? These are B-clips?

The lo-fi edit, titled SAMPLER, also features snippets of Dane being quirky and skating in his youth, as well as old advertisements and seemingly patternless clips (an editing style highly reminiscent of William Strobeck’s Cherry). Most importantly, SAMPLER is a welcomed sign of life from Dane’s assumed-to-be-defunct website and blog, Marine Layer Productions.

Some noted points in the clip are when he comes in hot at 1:24 with a crazy little combo of chop hop roundhouse to tail blow, pretty much every frontside hack towards the beginning and for us the air at 3:02 really got us psyched as well.

A delightful Monday awaits you — stop reading and press play. Now.

Collab post by Mike Kilcullen and Pat Fallon