RSVP for Our Winter Issue Release Party at Stratton Mountain

Photo: Stratton

UPDATE: You guys are quick! Freakishly quick. The first luxury bus is now full (not even sure if Bronson got on)(kidding). But if there’s enough interest in it, we will try to line up a second bus to/from Manhattan/Stratton, same days + times. If you’re not already in the first bus and are down for that cause, email us with subject line “Round Two” and your name to If we can get about 30 people, we’ll try to snag a second bus. Back to the program…

A few New Year resolutions of Whalebone Magazine were to celebrate everything more and have more parties. Ambitious, we know. As life would have it, the upcoming release of our new Winter Issue is a prime opportunity to remain adherent to these difficult resolutions. We made a commitment to these practices and we’re dedicated to see it through. So here is what we’re doing and you’re invited.

On Friday, February 10th, around 12:30 PM, a fun group of us will be meeting in midtown New York City (at 40th and 3rd Ave to be exact) and boarding a rather nice luxury bus headed to Stratton, VT. After a memorable drive up with some new friends, we’ll arrive in Vermont around 4:30 PM and get everyone settled, ski/snowboard rentals squared away, and check-in to the Black Bear Lodge at Stratton. That night the group will be exploring the village with old and new best friends.

Note: If anyone actually meets a new friend, opens a business venture as a result of the weekend, has kids, gets married or just has a really good time, we claim a minimum of 1% of the credit and must be given so in all social media and speeches that follow in the coming years.

Saturday morning, February 11th, we’ll all be waking up at 4:30 AM for morning calisthenics and a run up the mountain. That’s actually not true at all, but, if that’s your plan, please dress appropriately. The rest if us will be sleeping and resting and doing anything we want on Saturday morning. The lifts open at 8:30 AM but there is always the option for fresh tracks earlier if you’re nice to Bronson.

Saturday afternoon, we’ll be hosting the inaugural Whalebone Snurfer Mountain Challenge on a smaller run near the base of the mountain. Helmets and beer will be provided.

Saturday evening, everyone is invited to the Whalebone Magazine Winter Issue Release Party at Grizzly Lodge. By this point, we imagine we’ll all be comfortable enough to hear our digital editor, Kilcullen, sing this song on stage.

Sunday will be spent enjoying the mountain, or licking your wounds, and Sunday afternoon around 3 PM, we’ll be boarding the bus and headed back to the same location in Manhattan that we picked everyone up.

A few random details:

  1. We’ll be supplying random guests with disposable cameras—please refrain from stealing these as we promised our sponsors we would have photo evidence
  2. We haven’t actually asked yet, but we’re going to go ahead and say there will be copious amounts of all kinds of refreshments provided on the bus
  3. Bring warm clothes! Bronson only has so many varsity letter jackets he can let people borrow
  4. Skiing/snowboarding is totally optional. Stratton offers a plethora of other really fun activities to entertain yourself while we try to break a land/speed record #hottubtimemachine
  5. Thank you for being adventurous and making it this far in this web post. I have writer’s cramp.

Anyone who wants to go to Stratton for this weekend but doesn’t want to ride the bus, or because there is no more space, is still invited to meet us there by any other means and join in some, a little, or all of the above. Send us a line if this applies to you and we’ll make sure you’re on the guest list for the Saturday night, Feb 11th Winter Issue Release Party.

For questions, inquiries or to RSVP, send us a note at