Roark Revival’s “Strange Daze in Hanoi Haze”

Ever since we came across Roark Revival at one of those predictably normal surf industry tradeshows, we’ve been huge fans. They’re setup was legitimate — a collection of stylish and comfortable threads, candid film photos and well-worded read-ables that felt nothing short of absolutely genuine. They really appear to have mastered their creative process, evident in that their product seems little more than an unique + inspirational afterthought from their foreign-focused adventures (like their latest journey to North Vietnam, which you can find below).

“The collection spans four phases of Roark’s voyage: The chaos of Hanoi, the North Vietnamese countryside by motorcycle convoy, Ha Long Bay by Junque Boat, and the long trek to Da Nang. It’s inspired by cash crops, the psychedelics of war and peace, traditional Vietnamese textiles and the beauty of the lands waterways. The garments are sweat-stained, dirty and well worn.”