Real Estate Rants Vol. 3

A photo named "Crap" from

Apparently $50K is reasonable? recently listed three Amagansett homes as featured summer houses for rent this season. Hey, we all know that share houses are the newest thing, and renters are charging a pretty penny for a spot out east this season, but since when is $50K cheap?

A photo by named "modest" at $50K for the summer.

A photo by named “modest” at $50K for the summer.

These three homes range from $50k to almost $400K from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and were considered some of the best homes to rent, ranging from a “reasonable,” to “living like Mary Antionette.”

In our eyes, the range here is not so much “reasonable,” but more like living within the means of someone who makes a salary in the six figures range to CEO of a fortune 500 company. So, when $50K becomes reality for us, I guess we will have buckle down and say sure, I’ll take it, but in the mean time we are still searching for a place to live and $50-$400K is not and will take a long time to be “reasonable.” Reality check please …

Photo by named "Nice"

Photo by named “Nice”

Rant over … check out for more information on these three summer rental homes in Amagansett.