[Pizza Cities] Brooklyn

Photo: Robert Katzki

Say what you want about Brooklyn, but they’ve done a few things right. First thing that comes to mind is spacious venues to enjoy the company of others in (thinking Output, admittedly). Second would be wide streets + parking. And third, and probably more appropriate for first or second, is creative take on food. Today’s case in point: their pizza.

While BK is home to more contemporary approaches on America’s favorite food, it also boasts a few institutions in New York’s pizza game. To illustrate, we’ve put together eight pizza spots in the vicinity (Whit’s is in Rockaway but we’re counting it) that are worth their weight in dough. Dig in.

1. Houdini Kitchen Lab

Recommended pies: The Habenara Pizza with cured spicy pork lion, habanera pepper oil, tomato sauce, mozzarella.

Location: 1563 Decatur St. Ridgewood, NY

More info: www.houdinikl.com

2. Roberta’s

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Recommended pies: Bee Sting

Location: 261 Moore St. Brooklyn, NY

More info: www.robertaspizza.com

3. Di Fara

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Recommended pie: The Regular Pie

Location: 1424 Avenue J. Brooklyn, NY

More info: www.difarany.com

4. Paulie Gee’s

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Recommended pies: Hellboy (or Cherry Jones)

Location: 60 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn, NY

More info: www.pauliegee.com

5. Lucali

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Recommended pies: Pepperoni

Location: 575 Henry Street Brooklyn, NY

More info: www.lucali.com

6. Whit’s End

Recommended pies: The Calabria (as it comes, no subs)

Location: 16702 Rockaway Beach Blvd RIIS Point, Rockaway Park, NY

More info: www.whitsendnyc.com

7. Pizza Loves Emily

Location: 919 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY

More info: www.pizzalovesemily.com

8. Emmy Squared

Location: 364 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY

More info: www.pizzalovesemily.com