[Photo Gallery] A Past Decade of Music on the East End

In celebration of Whalebone Magazine’s Music Issue and the launch of Whalebone Radio, I decided to hop into the editing bay and take a well-tuned trip down hard drive memory lane. I came back with a gallery of my favorite music performances over the past decade on the East End, with a focus on performers who exist within the pantheon of surf culture as a general theme. Although, as with jazz, I’m taking some creative license to paint outside lines. So we’ll call it a loose theme.

It hardly seems necessary to mention the amount that Montauk has changed over the past decade. I’m just as guilty of being nostalgic as anyone. But in my opinion, one of the greatest benefits of all this change has been the high caliber of musicians who roll through town every summer to share a small piece of their talents. Here is a visual account of those good vibes on warm summer nights. Cheers.

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