[Photo Feature] Meet the South Korean Free Divers of Jeju Island

If we had to make a sizable bet today to recoup money lost during a four-hour game of bar dice at a local watering hole this past weekend, we’d be keen to wager on whether or not you’re familiar with a photographer by the name of Hyung S. Kim. And if we had the opportunity to double down and come out on top, we’d add that you’ve probably yet to enjoy Kim’s photo series spotlighting haeyneo—the South Korean free divers of Jeju Island.

Fortunately, we didn’t lose a significant amount of money in one place this past weekend, and today we just have the pleasure of acquainting you with the sea women of South Korea + Kim’s unique captures of them. These shots, which were taken by Kim on a makeshift photography studio he set up on the shore over the course of three years, feature members of haeyneo coming in from their daily dives—dives that normally run about 10 meters deep and last up to two minutes long on average (without the help of breathing equipment).

Enjoy the gallery of these unique women above, and learn more about the haeyneo + see the complete gallery of Kim’s work on Jeju over at the haenyeo website. Thank you, Kim.