Things We Dig: Pat Conlon’s “Beach Archeology”

Beach Archeology. Photo: Pat Conlon

While rollerblading along the Venice boardwalk in preparation for our pop-up party two weeks back, we ran into NYC Artist, LES legend and former Epstein’s owner (RIP), Pat Conlon. After exchanging pleasantries and a New York tribal handshake, we noticed that Pat had a small gang of beach toys situated in his arm. Turns out he’s been collecting forgotten beach memorabilia for his art exhibition, “Beach Archeology”, that’s being hosted at Negarin London on Abbot Kinney through the end of 2016.

We had him shoot over a few more details + photos about the unique idea and the purpose of the exhibition, which your eyes can dig through below.

“These pieces derived from discovering abandoned beach toys and molds scattered on the beach after Pat Conlon would come back from surfing. After thoughts, From a literal “day at the beach” that have now become trash or bones from this experience.

Photo: Pat Conlon

Photo: Pat Conlon

These pieces represent modern day mandalas. Mandalas are a geometric figure representing the universe in hindu and buddhist symbolism. The psychoanalysis is a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self unity. Seeing toys in a dream foretells family joys.

I’ve painted these simple beach toys white to neutralize them, making them dreamy and arranged them in “floating patterns” to symbol cloud like dreamscapes. The hint of subtle color in each mold, sifter and toy is to imply the idea of memories of more innocent days—a colorful past. Long, warm days where careless creativity abound in us all. This meaning is different for us all, but the implication of building castles made of sand is the same. They can also be thought of as personal beaches or sand boxes for the mind to play.”

If you’re in the Venice area, stop by the Negarin London store at 1121 Abbot Kenny, Venice, CA. Purchasing inquires contact either myself: or through Negarin. Keep up with the exhibition’s progress via Pat’s Instagram and the Negarin London Instagram.