Party Crashing

Hey, remember that time we all went to Charleston and had an Issue Release party and Bill Murray showed up?

Photos John Hillin Photography

The home team RiverDogs had all but wrapped up a victory over their cross-state rivals from Columbus. A suspiciously large man towered over the crowd. A mountain of a man, his arms bulging from an eye-catching, short sleeved, baby-blue William Murray Golf shirt. A furry RiverDogs’ mascot bounced through the crowd gathered at the Joe in Charleston to celebrate the release of The Bill Murray Issue. Given Mr. Murray’s well-known penchant for party crashing, the combination of the burly bodyguard and the costumed mascot left many wondering if the guest of honor hadn’t found a way to crash his own party.

Guess who I just rode in the elevator with.

Then a buoyant wave traveled through the room. A guy in the hallway Facetimed someone back home: “Guess who I just rode in the elevator with.”

Root, root, root at the Joe.

Bill Murray was in the house.

The Suntory Whisky Toki Highballs continued to flow long after the post-game interviews were done. DJ Japancakes spun and everybody danced. Bill Murray read through the issue of Whalebone magazine with his visage gazing into the distance on the cover. Then he joined the dance-off, winning hands down.

One thing in this issue of Whalebone Magazine is now right-side up.

Then the party moved to The Commodore, where the champagne buckets are emblazoned with Miller High Life logos, the air is regal, and Starquasha Manigault and her band provided the funk soundtrack to melt faces and shake booties.

The Bill Murray Issue

Presented by Suntory Whisky