PAPER Gives us 10 Showrunners from the Golden Era in NYC Nightlife

The world is currently undergoing a courtroom full of change and if it’s made us realize anything, it’s that it is okay to be a magazine and love other magazines. PAPER Magazine is a New York-based publication that covers city culture and lifestyle in an unduplicated fashion. You might’ve seen one of their recent issues that features an inadequately clothed Kimmy K on the cover. Then again, the image’s release broke the Internet, so you might not have seen it.

Now, our beloved friends at PAPER have dropped a highly enjoyable piece that both lists off and acquaints you with ten legendary club owners and promoters from NYC’s nightlife golden era. In a world full of “you guessed it” listicles, this read stands out in the best way possible — unusually awesome. Give it an eyeful, here.


Madonna + Eric Goode of Area.