When the Rising Tide is Whisky

Can Surfers Change the World? Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky certainly seems to think so.

We don’t disagree.

Known as the Maritime Malt, each bottle is shaped by the sea with the same saltiness that fills your lungs when you take a deep inhale on the northern cliff-bordered coast of Scotland.

The Scotch Whisky has just launched Rise With The Tide, sharing the stories of individuals who have embraced the sea to make positive change in the world; a moral aligning with that of Old Pulteney. Cue Sustainable Surf and Doug Allan.

Founded by two Cali natives, Sustainable Surf’s efforts are exactly what you think; a company that ensures sustainable surfboard manufacturing. Pretty rad, right? Kevin Whilden and  Michael Stewart brought this to life, and use the power of positivity to inspire an ocean-friendly life to those who spend majority of their time submerged.

They advise surfboard production to be a no-waste, upcycling process, dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of surfboard manufacturing. This already proves that surfers can make the world better, but don’t stop reading yet.

Sustainable Surf making a mess.

Pretty colors.

The Scots and the Californians working together to make the world a greener place, while producing whiskey and surfboards. I mean, come on, does it get any saltier?

Spoiler alert. It does. Bringing underwater film guru, Doug Allan, into the equation gives the Rise With The Tide campaign the high def recognition it needs. Ever heard of Planet Earth? If not, watch it. But if not, maybe Blue Planet will ring a bell. And if you don’t hear any bells, well find yourself a television or the damn internet and set aside a few hours to zone out hard. David Attenborough’s smooth voice should help with that.  Anyways, Mr. Allan is the Emmy Award-winning cinematographer behind them both. Just saying.

And if you don’t hear any bells, well find yourself a television or the damn internet and set aside a few hours.

Old Pulteney has chosen Doug and Michael and Kevin over at Sustainable Surf for a reason. The connective tissue is the fact that good things come with time, and change comes with time.

Looks salty.

Too cliché? Well, patience is a virtue, just pretend you heard it here first. But let’s be real, you’d prefer an aged whiskey to a young one, wouldn’t you? And we’d prefer to wait longer for a sick board that was created from upcycled resources and renewable energy, resulting in a smaller emission of toxicity and carbon, wouldn’t you? And we’d prefer to watch a six-years-in-the-making epic documentary that brings the globe to your living room, wouldn’t you?

So tie all of these ideas together. Embracing the ocean, protecting the ocean, and making a sustainable lifestyle more convenient. With this, you get a vast awareness and movement of ocean conservation across the globe. The real one, not the virtual living room one. Thanks Doug.

This is the goal of Old Pulteney’s campaign. Following the lives of people who are on a mission to make the world a better place, for themselves, their communities, and the other billions of people on planet earth. Whether it be the ECOBOARD, perfectly aged whiskey, or groundbreaking footage, these people embrace the passiveness of patience, knowing the outcome is well worth the wait. We can’t save the oceans in a single day, it will take time. Everything takes time. Even microwave TV dinners.

To answer your question, yes, surfers can change the world. In fact, surfers, filmmakers, Scottish whiskey producers can change the world. You can change the world. You have to be ambitious enough, but patient enough. So go, catch a few waves, drink some Maritime Malt, and watch Planet Earth, but in the meantime, do something that will make a positive change.

And get a little whisky drunk. Win-win.

Hanging 12.

To learn more about The Rise With The Tide campaign, watch the video series following the stories of Doug Allan and Sustainable Surf.