NYC Perspective: Scott Furkay

Meet Scott Furkay, one of our six favorite New York City photographers featured in our NYC Issue (as well as the talented eye behind the issue’s cover photo). We asked Scott to send us an image that represents New York City to him, along with an answer to the following question “What does New York mean to you?” If you got the chance to gaze through the NYC Issue, you might’ve seen/read it. If not, that’s okay—we’re just glad you found your way here. Check out Scott’s response to our question below, and let your eyes feast the bonus gallery of images he sent us, up above.

Scott Furkay

“New York is a proving-ground. The key to perseverance is working twice as hard as the person next to you—navigate the bullshit, be kind, work late, and be yourself. If you’re bound for greatness, you’ll still be here next year.”

For a daily delivery of visual greatness from NYC, lend your eyes to Scott’s Instagram, @furkay.