NYC Perspective: Sam Horine

Meet Sam Horine, one of our six favorite New York City photographers featured in our NYC Issue. We asked Sam to send us an image that represents New York City to him, along with an answer to the following question “What does New York mean to you?” If you got the chance to gaze through the NYC Issue, you might’ve seen/read it. If not, that’s okay—we’re just glad you found your way here. Check out Sam’s response to our question below, and let your eyes feast the bonus gallery of images he sent us, up above.

Sam Horine

“New York can be whatever you like, if you want to disappear completely it’s a sea of anonymity but at the same time it’s akin to a small town in that if you care to spend the time in one neighborhood for long enough you’ll get to know nearly every single one of the people who live and work in the few blocks surrounding your home.”

For a daily delivery of visual greatness from NYC, lend your eyes to Sam’s Instagram, @samhorine.