How Does A Photographer Define New York?

Allow us to briefly introduce Natalie Amrossi, Saili Davidoff, Sam Horine and Scott Furkay, a handful of our favorite New York City photographers featured in our last NYC Issue.

Since we are coming up on our third edition of the NYC Issue, we’d like to take a moment to revisit these stunning photos and the photographers that took them.

We asked each of them to send us an image they feel represents New York City, along with an answer to the following question, “What does New York mean to you?”

Check out their responses below, and then browse through the gallery of bonus images above to get a taste of what’s to come in our next NYC Issue, dropping November 16.

Photo: Natalie Amrossi

New York City means endless possibilities. You never know what could happen walking through the streets of New York.

Photo: Saili Davidoff

To me, New York means boundless positive energy, endless diversity and limitless photo opportunities.

Photo: Sam Horine

New York can be whatever you like, if you want to disappear completely it’s a sea of anonymity but at the same time it’s akin to a small town in that if you care to spend the time in one neighborhood for long enough you’ll get to know nearly every single one of the people who live and work in the few blocks surrounding your home.

Photo: Scott Furkay

“New York is a proving ground. The key to perseverance is working twice as hard as the person next to you—navigate the bullshit, be kind, work late, and be yourself. If you’re bound for greatness, you’ll still be here next year.”