Now Playing: Leif Engstrom’s Aerial Playground

Anytime Etan Blatt puts out a surf edit, we watch it. Anytime that edit stars Leif Engstrom, we watch it twice (at least). And anytime the styling of said edit is that of an 70’s arcade game—the type that your mom met your dad playing and he pulled her by crushing the hi-score in front of half the high school—we give it, at minimum, 5 bonus watches.

Below is just that: a fresh clip from Etan’s new creative surf hub—the Penske Files. If you were in Surf Lodge this past month when Faile Art Collective tripped out their showroom with custom-designed arcade games that made you feel like you had just unknowingly chugged a shroom milkshake through a straw made out of A-grade LSD, then this one will probably resonate. If you didn’t do any of that, and you just like good surfing, this one’s probably still for you.

Quit fishing for quarters and press start.

Check out our full-length interview with the Long Island surf videograpehr, over here. Thanks Etan.