Not a Bad Life

We teamed up with our pals at Fair Harbor to create this nice little video about Montauk in the summer to share with you folks to encourage you to take it easy and enjoy the little things. Specifically, the little things in Montauk where everyone takes their time and they spend the days how they please. What’s the rush? We sure haven’t seen anyone in too big of a hurry in these parts. Beaches and boats, surfing and sunsets, golf and grub. And of course, the drinks. They don’t call it a drinking town with a fishing problem for nothing. There’s always something to make you crack a smile. Even if you hit all of your golf balls into the water at Montauk Downs. The soul of summer in the East End. Take your time, we’ll be here all season.

Our pals at Fair Harbor like to take it slow. Like us. We both like long walks on the beach–particularly ones that involve picking up trash—sunsets, yoga, and having a hell of a good time while doing it. If you’re into those things, you might consider hopping over The Boneyard this weekend. Or hit the links below. Fair Harbor is taking the lead and we’re doing all those things we just listed. Not too shabby.