The One Where Whalebone Gets a New Van

It’s kind of live/work situation.


emember when Whalebone went to RVX in search of a van that could do it all—be a workhorse to help us deliver magazines up and down the coast, provide comfortable accommodations for our weary delivery driver, cook a hot meal on the road, and look damn good while getting there? We found a couple lookers. The Winnebago Revel caught our eye, what with its Mercedes Sprinter base and off-road capabilities, but the ModVans CV1 had our hearts, with its hand-hewn buildout and throwback stylings.

Back, in Salt Lake City we took the Revel over a couple of jumps  muddy hills, and put it through its paces. But recently we had the chance to put the ModVans to the test on a Northeast adventure.

We had just 72 hours to deliver 500 magazines to four states.

The challenge: We had just 72 hours to deliver 500 magazines to four states. The old Whalebone van was not up to it sadly. It just sat quietly next to the Boneyard collecting seagull droppings. Our friends at Go RVing came to the rescue, reminding us how much we liked the ModVans CV1 and wouldn’t it be the perfect road warrior for this trip. Yes, we agreed, it would be far preferable than hitchhiking from Montauk to Rhode Island with 500 magazines strapped to us.

The little van provided ample home to the three of us (and although we told Ed from accounting there was no room for a fourth, the trust is the van could have quite comfortably slept another, but Ed, despite our advice to the contrary, does not change his socks daily, so we told him there was no room).

Watch along above and see how we did and if we didn’t get distracted cooking cassoulet in the van’s kitchen.