A Friendly Little National Dive Bar Tour

All the Stops


our Issue Release Parties of Whalebone Magazine in four of our favorite towns at four of the better dive bars in the US—sounds about right. Welcome to a friendly little national dive bar tour where Whalebone Magazine will be visiting Austin, New Orleans, Jacksonville, and Nashville before heading back to New York City and opening The Boneyard. This is all to celebrate the release of The Dive Bar Issue presented by SEAGRAM’S 7. Should be fun.

Here’s where we’re going and where you can come out and meet us.

Should you see a group of smiling idiots at any of these locations on any of these dates during the noted times the chances are it is a member of the Whalebone Magazine team and we’d like to say hello and buy you a drink. Our friends from SEAGRAM’S 7, Deep Eddy Vodka, Montauk Brewing Co., Archer Roose Wines, and Hotel Palms may want to say hi, too. RSVP accordingly.

Tour Stop No. 1: Austin, TX

Tour Stop No. 2: New Orleans, LA

Tour Stop No. 3: Neptune Beach, FL

Tour Stop No. 4: Nashville, TN

Tour Stop No. 5: New York City

The Boneyard

Finally, our very own pop-up dive bar.
September 26–October 6
4 p.m.–2 a.m.
Find it at 25 Avenue B