[The Music Issue] Riders Hall of Fame

James Brown, 1973. Photo: Wikipedia

The material objects a man regards as his necessities can tell you a lot—if not, all—about that man. So, it should come as no surprise that riders—the often-lengthy list of requests that concert promoters are asked to have ready on a performing band’s arrival—say a significant bit about the musicians who author them as well.

While we’re unsure what that means for Paul McCartney (who has very specific requests for the plants and flowers that must be on-site) or Van Halen (who once casually hid a request for M&Ms, save any brown M&Ms, in the middle of a 12-page rider), we are certain that the following riders offer some insight into what these artists and bands regard as a requirement for them to perform at their absolute best.

Article originally featured in the Music Issue of Whalebone Magazine. Get your hands on a copy here.