Really Cleaning Up

Fair Harbor and friends come out for Montauk beach clean up

This weekend we met up with our friends from Fair Harbor and a few more amigos to collect materials to make more Fair Harbor board shorts. Ok, not really, but maybe we could have been, since the company’s boardshorts and bathing suits start out as plastic that is not going into the ocean because it is shredded and then transformed and woven into a comfy, water-wicking fabric and stitched into something you can wear on the beach while you wander around with long-handled pinchers actually (and happily) not finding very much trash at all but looking damn good while doing it. It’s called “waste to wearables.” Our team scoured and sifted and we can tell you with a fair amount of certainty there are no discarded plastic bottles, weird wads of paper, rope, straws, Montauk Brew Co. cans, old fishhooks, rugs or any debris of any kind left on that stretch of Gin Beach.

It’s called ‘waste to wearables.’

After all that work in the hot sun, it felt pretty nice to get back to The Boneyard and throwback some Brew Dr. Kombucha and sip a couple of Saturday Sessions with all our new and old friends. Keep it clean.