Milton Glaser, the Man Behind the “I ❤ New York” Graphic

If there are three things we here at Whalebone are sure of, it’s that we love New York, you love New York and Milton Glaser loves New York. The only difference within this triangle of love is that one of us created the world-famous “I ❤ New York” graphic, and the other two didn’t. We’re looking at you, Glaser.

Thanks to the ever-talented cinematographer Poppy de Villenueve and her love for telling New York’s stories through masterfully shot (short) films, we have a two minute and fifty seven second look into the brilliant mind of Glaser, who is not only the designer of one of the most recognizable graphics of all time, but also the man behind the distinct logos of New York Magazine, Brooklyn Brewery and several other brands.

CAUTION: You are about to be very, very inspired.