Mikey DeTemple for Poler

Alright, look — this clip might be a month old (yes, we missed it [because we’re human]) but it involves Mikey DeTemple doing Mikey DeTemple things on a longboard in Montauk, as well as cruisey cohort Trevor Gordon surfing fun-sized Sandspit out in Santa Barbara. The clips then shifts to the two meeting up in Puerto Rico and having a go at a much more sizable swell.

Not only do these gents having the ability do sprinkle steeze on any given swell, but they also both ride for Poler, an increasingly popular outdoor brand that makes tents and other land-friendly things. We don’t know a ton about Poler other than the little amount we’ve already disclosed in this post, but we like them (and their video of Mikey and Trevor holding down their respective coasts, which you’ll find below).