Meet Your Lifeguard ~ Haley Ryan

Haley grew you in East Hampton under Chief Lifeguard Johnny Ryan Jr. Johnny is in charge of all of the beaches and guards from East Hampton to Montauk. Haley followed the family tradition of guarding seven years ago when she first began working on the bay and at the YMCA. Luckily, she’s moved her way up and now guards as a Lieutenant at Atlantic Beach.

Haley’s seen both sides of the Hamptons; the deserted ghost-town winters and the shuffling, sweaty summers. Hot or cold, she was always kept busy with her family, most of which live in East Hampton as well. With such a huge family, Haley can’t even keep track of how many of them are guards.

Just looking at this picture will make you feel safe.

“I couldn’t give you an exact number, but most of my dad’s sisters and brothers have taken at least the still-water test if not the ocean test,” she said. All of her cousins who are old enough have also taken the ocean test and she currently guards at Atlantic with her sister Shannon.

On weekends during the summer, Haley teaches the Junior Lifeguarding program at neighboring beach, Indian Wells. She loves teaching the kids how to safely enter the ocean and how to stay safe while having a great time.

Haley’s been swimming for the past 14 years, and with only 21 in total she has easily been swimming for more than half her life. She continues to swim and SUNY Purchase where she is pursuing a degree in Arts Management. Check this chick out down at Atlantic and grab yourself a snack from the hut while you’re there.