Meet Your Lifeguard ~ Chris Cinque

Courtesy of Lisa Lakeman

Chris Cinque has been guarding Indian Wells beach for the past seven years. Chris recently explained to us that the beach used to be, for the most part, local, but recently has turned into quite the tourist attraction with Guest of a Guest swarming the beach and boozed-up young adults running around on Saturdays and Sundays. This makes a lifeguard’s job that much more important, and Chris is one of the people who sees that most.

Chris grew up in Amagansett, where he pretty much knew everyone in his small town. In Amagansett, winters consisted of small, modest classes in school and summers consisted of the crowded beach. Being born and bread on the east end, Cinque considers the beach his second home. He has worked as an East Hampton lifeguard for seven years now, and has wiggled his way up the ranks from rookie to captain guard. This means that he’ll be hanging on the beach even more this summer, and that he’s on call to jump in whenever he’s needed and to lead saves each day.

Chris’s success as a guard stems from his swimming ability and his connection with local Lifeguard Chief, Johnny Ryan.

Chris has been competitively swimming for 2 and a half years, and he continues to swim with the masters team multiple times a week because of his inspiration from Ryan.

chris running

If it hadn’t been for Mr. Ryan, Chris never would have considered swimming.

“He encouraged me to join the high school team (swimming) and to later take the lifeguard test,” Cinque said.

Chris’ favorite part about guarding isn’t the job itself though, it’s the lifeguard competitions he get’s to compete in throughout the summer. He also loves the family vibe that his job has instilled in him and his Indian Wells crew.

Chris at the Jones Beach Lifeguard Competition courtesy of Ricci Paradiso


“Lifeguarding is the best job ever,” he said. “I would love to keep lifeguarding my whole life.”

Unfortunately, in the real world, that’s next to impossible. It’s difficult to find employers in the winter who are ok with an employee taking three months off during the summer to do something else. Regardless of his winter job, there will always be summers on the east end though. And because of that, Chris is not deterred. He plans on guarding as long as he can.

Head on down to Indian Wells to find him shoveling mounds or bossing the rookies around. Say what’s up and he’ll be sure to chat it up with you.