Lily Is Taking over Siri and GoPro

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Sorry Siri, but you aren’t going to land back in my hand after I throw you high above a river are you? Didn’t think so. And your GoPro won’t either. But Lily will.

Lily is a flying GoPro on steroids. As The Inertia describes it, a drone that has an insanely advanced camera operating system and the ability to land back in your hand after you throw her into the air to catch your next epic adventure on video.

Lily snowboarding

Lily in action. Photo courtesy of Transworld Snowboarding.

After you throw Lily, the drone will follow you down the river, through the mountains or wherever else your adventure leads. After 20 minutes of shooting, she’ll come right back to you. How? She also comes with a water-proof tracking device that let’s her know you’re her owner.

Sounds like our kind of dig!