Kassia Meador Launches Pink Salt, Joins the Fight for Cancer Prevention

Photo: Dane Peterson

Exercise is kind of magical—it can boost the body’s immune system so that it can help kill or slow the growth of cancer cells, which proves that prevention is possible. Kassia Meador has been a part of the Keep A Breast community since way, way back when she was a young, sponsored longboarder. She’s been part of the crew of KAB team riders for over 15 years. Her mother is a cancer survivor, so for her, this is personal. Now that she’s an entrepreneur with her own brand, she continues to be a generous ambassador.

KAB’s Shaney jo Darden recently caught up with Kassia to talk a little bit about Pink Salt—the initiative she’s started to help support KAB and the fitness-focused cancer prevention movement.

You’ve said that being in the water is a healing experience. Can you share some instances you’ve seen that dynamic first hand?

As humans we are 60% water. To me going in the ocean feels like going home, a huge cozy hug from Mother Earth herself. In the years I have been surfing I have seen so many peoples lives changed for the better through surfing. It’s changed my life that’s for sure. I get so much joy from sharing surfing with people and seeing their lives transform for the better each and every time.

Kassia. Photo: Dane Peterson

Kassia. Photo: Dane Peterson

This program was really your idea. How did you come up with the idea for the Pink Salt initiative?

To me, it’s all about giving back. Conspiring to inspire and reminding people that they are not alone and that they have love and support always. Bringing information, funding, and support, in fun and inspiring ways is imperative for healing on a multitude of levels. My mother is a breast cancer survivor. When she was diagnosed almost 15 years ago, it lit a fire under me to do all I could to support the brave women and their families and friends, which makes Keep A Breast’s mission of early detection within future generations key to prevention.

Being healthy and fit are big parts of your life as both an athlete and an entrepreneur. What are some of the things you do to take care of yourself? 

I eat really clean food, drink plenty of juices, tons of water and avoid refined sugars and processed foods. These days, with a new business, I don’t get to surf as much as I use to, but I still live an active balanced lifestyle filled with surfing, yoga, meditation and adventures in nature every chance I get.

Photo: Dane Peterson

Photo: Dane Peterson

You’re going to be taking a breast cancer survivor out for a special one on one surf session. Where do you think you’ll bring them?

I am based in Los Angeles. Depending on the waves, I’ll take them to either Malibu’s “First Point” or some of the beach breaks in Venice.

What do you hope they take away from the experience?

Surfing is about having fun! So, my main goal is to make sure they have the best time ever. Surfing has filled me with so much inspiration and self empowerment; so my second hope is that the enchantment of surfing does the same for them and makes them want to make it a part their lives.

Joy is also good medicine. What’s the most fun you’ve ever had in the ocean?

Pretty much every time I’m surfing I’m having the best time ever! Especially when I’m with friends; the weather is sweet, the waves are small, peeling and perfect.

Stay in the loop with the initiative + Kassia via the Keep a Breast Instagram and KASSIA+SURF Instagram, and if you’re looking for another good interview, check out Taylor Steel’s interview with Kassia from out Interview Issue.