NYC Artist Jeremy Penn Plays the Back Nine

Jeremy Penn is an American artist living in New York. At least that’s what Wikipedia tells us. What Wikipedia doesn’t tell us is how the award-winning artist’s first kiss went down, what his favorite pair of shoes ever are, and where he finds inspiration for his internationally-celebrated art out here on the East End.

Following a stint as the Montauk Beach House’s Artist-in-Residence, I got in touch with Jeremy and asked him to play nine holes with me — all in the form of nine questions that range from Par 3 (favorite ice cream) to Par 5 (admit something you haven’t admitted before). Below you will find his unadulterated answers, along with some of his featured work. Jeremy’s vibrant approach, as well as pace and style of play, are something to be admired in the creative world.

What do eyes tell you that nothing else in this world can? Eyes can’t lie. If you ask the right questions, you can learn everything through the eyes.

Jeremy-Penn-David-Bowie-HighRes (1)

Photo courtesy of KHPR.


Greatest source of inspiration while in Montauk? Sunsets & surf.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Chocolate.


Photo courtesy of KHPR.

Can you remember your first kiss? I sure do. I opened my eyes slightly for a second and there she was with her eyes wide open, staring at me. Slightly terrifying. It’s a good thing I had been watching romantic French films from an early age to know who was doing it wrong.

Favorite pair of shoes ever? Baby blue suede Pumas.


Photo courtesy of KHPR.

If you could resurrect any artist and arm wrestle them, who would it be? I think Basquiat would put up a good challenge. Picasso would kick my ass & Andy looks like he would have really sweaty palms. I am going with Basquiat.

Give us a brand that you’d be thrilled to collaborate with. I have a few: Agent Provocateur, DVF, and Alice & Olivia.


Photo courtesy of KHPR.

Give us a trend that needs to meet death as soon as possible. Guys with short to medium length hair trying to rock a Man Bun. Actually, kill all Man Buns.

Tell us something you’ve never told anyone else. I wrote an erotic short story that makes 50 Shades look like Goodnight Moon.

For more of Jeremy’s life and work, check the links below.

Thanks Jeremy — let’s shoot another round sometime.