The Interview Issue Release Party in Polaroids

Shake It, Shake It

The first thing we needed was lots and lots of chairs. And not ordinary chairs, but really ridiculously chic chairs. Because interviewers and interviewees can’t just sit on the floor. Design With Reach came up big on both fronts to host the issue release party for the Interview Issue (which, incidentally, if you’ve been paying attention, is presented by Design Within Reach and you can purchase here. For bonus points, tell who’s been presenting the playlists bringing the Interview Issue to life inside your earbuds?)

We held the picture in our hands while the feeling was still in our hearts. And now we are sharing both with you.

Polaroids by Mike Lennon

One of the less lively conversations of the evening.

Whalebone Within Reach

You knew there was Montauk Brewing Co.

Shake Shack it like a Polaroid picture.

We can leave your friends behind.

Thank you, Johnnie Walker.

The fire and the furry.

Lamp photobomb.

“I read it for the Interviews.”

50% less DJ Japancakes.

Get the lamps in guys.

You gotta see the centerfold.

Whalebone is for lovers.

A brilliant disguise.