Instant Karma

Photographs by Sean Stalteri

You remember Sean, right? As drone pilot/photographer/dockmaster/bartender Mr. Stalteri (AKA @plotography) soars over the coastal waters and other East Coast environs offering new perspectives on things you might see every day or a chance to glimpse some things you might not have otherwise ever witnessed.


He’s even now found a way to achieve a new perspective on his on work. Wedged somewhere between the Instagram presentation of his shots and the fine-art prints to follow, his instant-print versions bring things dizzyingly full-circle.

It started as a way for him to look at his work in a way that quickly gave tangible substance to the digital photography.  “Everything looks great on the screen, but there is something about having a physical version of the image that just makes it better,” he says. And so he endeavored to put his own spin on the analog throwback and, you know, hold the picture in his hand while the feeling was still in his heart. “Everyone has the FujiFilm Instax camera nowadays, and I have used one before and gotten some fun results. But I thought it would be different to use the printer version to print some photographs from high-quality cameras.”


“The paper gives the photos that vintage look. I think the drone shots really stick out because they wouldn’t normally be displayed in this way.”


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