Instagram of the Week: Benjamin Prescott (@itsbigben)

Photo: Benjamin Prescott (@itsbigben)

There are many questions that surround Benjamin Prescott. Is he, as his Instagram handle @itsbigben would have us believe, a relatively large human? If so, how exactly did he spawn an affinity for photographing nature in a way that masterfully dwarves himself and his traveling companions? And perhaps most importantly, exactly how many of his followers are misguided Pittsburgh Steelers fans waving yellow towels every time he posts a photo?

Truthfully, we’re a solid 0-3 on answers to those questions. Much like the other Big Ben, Mr. Prescott has been somewhat tough to get a hold of. But the guy’s work is great. With the honors of being our favorite Instagram this week, we put together something of a highlight tape to review and showcase some of his greatest looks and plays. Check out all of his work from this season + past seasons over here.

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Ski in, ski out

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