How Guitarist/Yogi Bibi McGill Sets the Stage

Photo Christine Bailey / @cbaileyspeed

Going With the Flow

Really kickass female lead guitarists are distressingly rare. Rarer still, those who have given Prince’s Super Bowl pyrotechnics a run for their purple paisley majesty. Ms. Bibi McGill did just that at Beyonce’s 2013 Big Game performance, where she took center stage next to Bey. As Queen B’s lead guitarist and musical director, BB traveled the world and eventually ended up doing double duty. See, in a page out of a Marvel character script, McGill is also a Yogi, and became the natural medicine and healing guide to Ms. Carter’s entourage. Then she hit the stage and ripped shit up.

HANAH founder Joel Einhorn and McGill chat about her roots—both musical and what she puts in her tea.

Photo Christine Bailey / @cbaileyspeed

Joel Einhorn: What drew you to the guitar and triggered the desire to be the best?
Bibi McGill: Well, first off, I have no desire to be the best and anything in the world except being authentically me. I was first drawn to the guitar when I heard the music my older brother and sister were listening to. They listened to Earth, Wind & Fire, Santana, The Isley Brothers, etc.
I singled out the guitar in music and would mimic it by playing air guitar with a pool stick. My dad noticed and my parents gave me the opportunity to start taking private guitar lessons around age 12. My family was so supportive and that not only lit but stoked the fire of my inspiration.

JE: What scares you?
BB: Dying and death for sure.

JE: What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing our civilization today? How can we work to solve this?
BB: Lies, brainwashing, systemized conditioning, and oppression to name a few. The biggest thing I see is that we have been lied to so much throughout our history that we have lost touch with the truth. We actually believe the lies are the truth and it has separated and disconnected us from who we are, each other and everything… by design of course. Most people find it easier to keep living the lies than to dig deep for the truth that has been covered up. I spend a lot of time studying my own personal connection to my lineage, ancestry, and nationality.

Along the way, I’m learning so many other things that we are not taught and it’s liberating. As with everything else I do, I share my discoveries and experiences as a way to shine the light for others that may also be helped and inspired. I know the phrase “woke” is kinda trendy but it’s true. People are really waking up and coming out of the darkness. It’s a very empowering way to live by being committed to more and more TRUTH.

I share my discoveries and experiences as a way to shine the light for others.

Photo Christine Bailey / @cbaileyspeed

JE: When you are not training or competing, what do you do with your time?
BB: I’ve never really done competitive sports although I am currently training to do my first marathon relay trail run. It’s a big deal for me. Eventually, I will move on to a half marathon by myself and hopefully a full marathon. Currently, I’m spending about three to four hours a day training just for my overall health and well-being. I will always be training because I do it for me, however, when I do have a little downtime, I make a lot of space for the study and research of topics that bring me knowledge and wisdom to evolve my awareness. Rest, quiet time, getting out in nature and time with friends and family are also important.

JE: Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever been?
BB: My favorite places that I’ve traveled are Ethiopia, Egypt and Brazil. I hope to go back sooner than later. Iceland is on my bucket list.

JE: What’s one or more things you do for health or fitness every day?
BB: Drink lots of water (first thing in the morning); offer gratitude; meditation/quiet time; yoga and/or some sort of conditioning or strength training; drink tea; deep breathing; get outside; and thank the animals and ask for their forgiveness.

Photo Christine Bailey / @cbaileyspeed

JE: How do you stay in shape?
BB: I’m always aware to flow with the changes in my body. Regimes and tools I used five, 10 or more years ago don’t necessarily work now. I eat a very clean diet of plant-based living food with little to no sugar, I try to keep the appropriate daily balance of micronutrients, I drink lots of water. It’s effortless for me to be strict with my diet because I enjoy the food I eat and I enjoy how I feel as a result even more. However, I’m not going to completely restrict myself from enjoying a moment of my life in order to fit into a box or under a label. If I want to have a whiskey sour or some potatoes chips, I’m going to do it. In moderation.

JE: What foods are on your radar now?
BB: My favorite dish is a very simple mung bean dhal with a very light, soupy broth, seasoned with only salt, fresh squeezed lemon, fresh cilantro and a little ethically made HANAH Vechur Ghee. I love vegan raw dishes but sometimes like a hot meal too. I’m big into broccoli, chickpeas, spinach, kale, tahini, hummus, oatmeal, berries, dried apricots, walnuts, Brussel sprouts, yummy salads, anything potatoes, lots of raw garlic and onions, zucchini, nutritional yeast hot spicy seasonings and lots of (fresh when possible) medicinal herbs, and superfoods. YUM!

Photo Christine Bailey / @cbaileyspeed

JE: If you weren’t a musician, you’d be….
BB: I guess if I didn’t choose to focus on music at such a young age I would have been someone who worked with helping animals or a triathlete. I think I’m secretly training to be a triathlete now.

JE: What do you do to reset?
BB: I do many different things to reset. It depends on what needs to be prescribed for the condition. Sometimes I isolate and spend time alone. Sometimes I retreat into nature. Often I try to pack all my spare time with all the activities that I love doing. Other times I’ll make more time to spend with friends and family. Most often I just want more “me time” alone with very little conversation, while retreating to nature, my garden or spending time with my wolf Kenai at Wolf Connection.

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